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AX SYSTEM ensures secure and coordinated workplace transport with its industrial intelligent traffic management solution.
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We help prevent collision-related traffic accidents within the workplace

All this while...

there are no unnecessary alarms, the system only intervenes when required

the system will operate according to the traffic regulations in place

because it is capable of identifying and distinguishing people and vehicles

Our international award-winning industrial traffic control system adapts to the regulations of the work area and the rhythm of people and vehicles in motion

Be the next business owner who provides safe and risk-free internal transportation within the workplace.

Our partners use the system for the following three main reasons:

at pedestrian crossings and dangerous junctions where people and vehicles cross each other’s path

  • at complex transportation hubs where traffic control is justified for example to prioritize manufacture

where not only people but the building, gates, cargo and vehicles need to be secured too.

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The artificial intellgience works as:

An accident preventing solution
A traffic control operational system

The computer vision observes and evaluates

The AX system cameras can „see” its surroundings, therefore distinguishing people and vehicles in motion. It classifies them based on their role in traffic, evaluates results, and decides on the best possible traffic control outcome within half a second.  


It recognizes arising risk factors such as two objects heading towards each other.


As a result of artificial intelligence, the software can measure the possible outcomes.  

Takes action

A green light indicates no danger and a clear path, while red light and sound warnings detect the danger of collision.  

AX SYSTEM proves to be effective on more and more sites

You only need to share the issues you are facing, and our professional team will propose a specific solution. 

Before you decide to invest, we help you reduce risks by providing simulations and onsite field testing to minimize accidents and financial damage. 

We make sure that everyone who works in a warehouse or factory site has a clear understanding of how our system operates regardless of their area of work. If needed, we can provide educational material created by our experts. 

Case studies

Pedestrian protection

Protection of pedestrians exiting the factory hall against moving forklifts while providing undisturbed transport of these vehicles without loss of time.





Complicated junctions

Supply routes and pedestrian traffic control with one system, which in case of approaching vehicles stops pedestrians from crossing while directing supply route traffic according to the highway rules.

Protection of the ramp area

Protection of pedestrian lane along the loading area from forklift trucks coming out from lines of stacked pallets with a modular, fast reacting system.





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