Frequently asked questions

Our systems have already performed more than ten thousand operating hours, and we have never received feedback about missed signals.

Our team will set up timing according to your needs. However, we can amend this setup later based on your employees’ feedback and safe operation. 

To make sure your investment will be worth it, you can ask around our clients already using the system. We can also provide demonstrations on site. 

We will install a device at the jointly selected location, that is prepared to receive the system, which we will put into operation after programming. If the location features allow, we can configure the system straight away to the final solution appropriate to you.

It depends on your priorities. Our clients use the system to protect pedestrians, so units are applied at pedestrian lanes and crossings, but it can be used at almost all locations due to the modular setup.

We can help you and your corporation find the perfect solution by providing a free consultation.

Yes, it can operate at any site where accidents are prone to occur.

The product has been set up with a safety control system, which switches to a fail-safe mode if any of the parts malfunction. Type depending it can be a flashing yellow signal or a display of STOP sign.

We provide a 12 months warranty period to the systems delivered by us.

Generally speaking, maintenance should be done every 12 months, depending on location. This always includes software updates and cleaning. We provide free maintenance for the first year at locations based in Hungary.

During the first few weeks after installation, false alarms can happen; however, programming and fine-tuning can achieve accuracy. Due to this, once we hand over the system, a test period begins during which we specify the operation and power of the signals. Later on, during continuous utilization, false alarms are not common.

Sound alarms differ from the beeping forklifts do; therefore, vehicle operators will pay attention to them. The nature and volume of the sound signal can be customized and modified easily.

One of the advantages of our technology is that the vehicles do not need to be set up with devices for the AX SYSTEM to recognize them as it sees and distinguishes them through the cameras. The operation of the AX SYSTEM is independent of the number of forklifts.

That is not an issue. The system can identify self-controlled forklifts the same way as traditional ones.

Yes, it is optional to have a function where the system can slow down the forklift. We will have to install an additional device on the vehicle to do this. If reducing speed is not an option (e.g., fragile goods), we can install a device into the vehicle’s cabin that displays the same signals as on the primary AX SYSTEM traffic lights.

We provide you with all the necessary information needed for the management team to make a decision and help your presentation in person. If required, we can create an animated video modeling the location of your choosing.

If health and safety training includes the utilization of the system and employees receive proper training on how to use it, then yes. In that case, it can reduce employers’ responsibilities in health and safety.

We need 220V plug-ins, and depending on the location and the type of system used, we might need to build a frame.

We can provide customized leasing options for wholesalers through our partner company Prominens LTD.