With AX SYSTEM's intelligent traffic management solution, you can do more for the safety of your employees.

With an Industry 4.0 technology, you can reduce the risk of workplace traffic accidents.

"I do not want to be imprisoned due to someone else's carelessness!"

After finishing their shift, your peers wish to go home in one piece.


AX SYSTEM ensures accident prevention by monitoring pedestrian traffic and reacting intelligently and dynamically, reducing the odds of accidents. It also assists in reaching the target Lost Time Injury (LTI) rate, which is about the loss of productive work time caused by workplace-related accidents.  


We can effectively protect the human labor force and material assets in all industries for any employer.

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AX SYSTEM brings structure to internal traffic


it only signals when necessary, therefore, colleagues always pay attention to the warnings


Due to its clear and sensible communication, all will understand what the signals mean


it is convenient, therefore no one has to wear additional appliances


Const-effective as it is unallied with the number of forklifts/employees and depending on the features of your facility, you will see a return on your investment within 1-3 years


the system is independent of the vehicles’ brand and equipment involved in traffic

Workplace Health and Safety protection that put transport in focus

AX SYSTEM provides camera monitored surveillance in accident-prone junctions. It recognizes dangerous situations before they occur. To provide the highest safety measures, it displays a signal or takes action that you determine

Supports risk management

It collects data that can provide valuable information to manage risks successfully during operation. (e.g., accident reports, near-miss report, workplace risk assessments, pedestrian and supply route markings).

The computer vision observes and evaluates

The AX system cameras can „see” its surroundings, therefore distinguishing people and vehicles in motion. It classifies them based on their role in traffic, evaluates results, and decides on the best possible traffic control outcome within half a second.  


It recognizes arising risk factors such as two objects heading towards each other.


As a result of artificial intelligence, the software can measure the possible outcomes.  

Takes action

A green light indicates no danger and a clear path, while red light and sound warnings detect the danger of collision.  

Case studies

Pedestrian protection

Protection of pedestrians exiting the factory hall against moving forklifts while providing undisturbed transport of these vehicles without loss of time.





Complicated junctions

Supply routes and pedestrian traffic control with one system, which in case of approaching vehicles stops pedestrians from crossing while directing supply route traffic according to the highway rules.

Protection of the ramp area

Protection of pedestrian lane along the loading area from forklift trucks coming out from lines of stacked pallets with a modular, fast reacting system.





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