Pedestrian protection in focus

One of our clients in Komárom, Hungary, reached out to us, hoping for a safer workplace traffic management solution.


Before assessing the site, we were looking for answers to the following three questions:

  1. Where are the hazardous locations, and how can we describe them?
  2. What measures have been taken to prevent accidents?
  3. What are the disadvantages of these measurements?

Where are the hazardous locations, and how can we describe them?

At one of the dangerous locations, the supply route ran in front of a workshop where usually heavily loaded vehicles operate.


Where are the hazardous locations, and how can we describe them?

What measures have been taken to prevent accidents?

The safety of its employees is crucial for our client. Therefore, they installed a motion sensor-based system that lit up a warning light when detecting motion to prevent workplace accidents.

What were the disadvantages of this system?

The motion sensor was detecting all movements, and the warning became unnoticed and ignored by the employees.

Where did they hear about us?

We connected with our client through university research, where we showed them the possibilities that AI operating systems could give.


Technology and customer needs have been met as AX SYSTEM, with its ability to recognize objects and evaluate situations, makes it possible to avoid false alarms and ensures warnings only occur when necessary.

The „secret” of AX SYSTEM

With the support of the University of István Széchenyi and developed by us, the AX SYSTEM can see and recognize objects while considering the type and direction of movements.


From a user point of view, the system only makes warning signals when necessary. When no risk of collision is detected, a green light („I see you”) advises that employees and vehicles can move freely.


With this solution, we’ve not only achieved warning lights to be taken seriously but vehicles passing in front of the workshop are not forced to stop unnecessarily.


Our technology raised broad interest within the company, and employees, since adjusting to it, have conquered their fear caused by the unfamiliar know-how.


As a result, our client invested in one more project where we ensured the safety of traffic between two buildings.

Here is how we did it


As a forklift approaches the exit and the system does not see any pedestrians or vehicles nearby, a green light shows free and safe passing for the forklift, and a red STOP (X) sign facing the exit warns to stop. 



Once a forklift and a pedestrian or another vehicle approach the same exit/entrance, AX SYSTEM recognizes the situation and stops both parties by displaying flashing red STOP signs and sound signals to avoid a traffic accident. A second lamp placed at eye level makes sure that the primary signs are recognized.



Amennyiben a kijárat felé bármilyen irányból ember érkezik és a merőleges irányból nincsen érkező veszélyes gép, akkor a zöld „látlak” jelzéssel tudatja a szabad továbbhaladást. Emberek érkezésénél mindegyik félnek zöld jelzés biztosított, mivel ők veszélytelenek egymásra. 


This particular workshop has two exits. We realized later that we could warn employees of forklifts heading towards the second exit once we react to the forklift leaving the first unit and heading towards the second exit. Installing an additional light and adjusting the software proved to be a successful solution