freedom in

we have a solution for every dangerous intersection

for symmetrical intersections - one box design

For indoor use

To clearly visible places

Can be positioned at 2,5-4 meters height

Up to  30 meters detection range

Up to 4 connectable external signals

2-3-4-way monitoring

everywhere - modular design

For indoor use

To gates, aisles and asymmetrical intersections

Can be positioned at muliple height

Up to  40 meters detection range

Unlimited number of signals can be integrated

Multiple (2-8) way monitoring

we have a solution for every traffic situation

site-specific operation

Collision avoidance

It intervenes with a light and sound signal when two objects (forklifts, people) are moving towards each other, which can be dangerous to each other.

Intelligen traffic management

It controls traffic in line with traffic dynamics. By selecting the main road and the secondary route, the prioritized route can be determined, thus speeding up the internal material transport.

Pedestrian crossing regulation

In the case of an arriving vehicle, it prohibits crossing. This ensures that the pedestrian does not step out in front of the machine.

Control of industrial barriers and gates

When a vehicle arrives it closes the barrier so the pedestrian crossing is physically restricted.

even more customizable

additional functions and services

Event recording

Recordings of event can help us clarify disputed traffic incidents.


With a near miss report and traffic load report (based on big data), the traffic of a given intersection can be analyzed, thus making the critical points of the site visible.


AX SYSTEM Detects special non-material handling machines by teaching. An special reaction can be taught for any vehicle (eg. prioritizing the sweeper).

Multiple operating logics

 With the support of our consultants, we can find the optimal operating scheme and accessories for the site, and if necessary, we will develop site-specific operation.

connectable accessories

Auxiliary traffic light

Visibility can be further increased with additional indicator lights. Built-in beeper also helps with detection.

Floor projector

Floor projections can further increase visibility.

Intervention system

Provides communication between the system and the vehicle, for example, slows down the forklift in an emergency(soon).

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