Protection of pedestrian lanes passing in front of ramps

The most hazardous area of every factory hall and warehouse is where forklifts cross pedestrian lanes. At the factory hall of our automotive client, the road starting from the employee area to the manufacturing hall is crossed by three routes often used by forklifts.   

Special hazards of this area

Another factor escalating danger here is that a loading area is marked along the pedestrian lane where employees prep items for delivery. These stacked pallets limit visibility and increase the risks of accidents. 


After realizing this danger, our client reached out to our resaler partner Prominens LTD. to find a solution that provides safer traffic for pedestrians within the premises.

Traditional methods and technologies could not solve the conditions.

The complexity of the task was known by our client, too, and they have checked out several other technologies before finding out about the AX SYSTEM.  


During the project, the biggest challenge seemed to be the size and type of the premises. To operate safely within the premises, we needed to consider the full length of the pedestrian lane and the vehicles maneuvering around the pallets. 


On top of that, features of the site did not allow installing the signal units at a visible and convenient height. 

The new technology became an expectation instead of an obstacle

The technology we used and unknown for many was not an issue for our client as their corporate culture is based on adapting innovative and quality tools. 


In addition, the project manager knew this technology and was able to look at it as an expectation and not an obstacle when it came to evaluating the solutions for the issue. 

They needed a modular and fast-acting system

Considering the economic aspects of the business, we installed one modular system instead of three individual ones. This can react to situations with a high risk of collision at all three junctions. 


If a forklift driving out from the ramps compromises pedestrian traffic, the system projects a bright red STOP sign on the floor and reacts with a powerful warning sound. If no danger is detected, the system remains imperceptible.  


Our modular system monitors the full length of the pedestrian lane and all three areas in front of the ramps. Projectors display bright red STOP sign in all three junctions, and one or two speakers serve perception. 


If a forklift driving out from the ramps compromises pedestrian traffic, the system projects a bright red STOP sign on the floor and reacts with a powerful warning sound.


If no danger is detected at the junctions, the system will not intervene.

As of now, it is not the employees who have to adapt to the system, but the system adapts to the needs of the people.

During the testing period straight after the installation, we set the operating system to the employees’ needs based on their feedback. This way handling the system is safe and convenient for the people. 


The main point here is that we created a static system and an operation that provides safe traffic, and the software can be upgraded if changes occur within the premises. In addition, we provide premium customer support in Hungarian and annual maintenance services. 

Accurate data collection and documentation can reduce the risk caused by human error more effectively than ever before.

Our client has taken advantage of all technological advancements and invested in data collection features which came with a custom-developed manual. This way, management can easily access statistical analyses about traffic density, critical traffic situations, and near misses