Junction with a pedestrian lane

Due to the modular setup of the AX SYSTEM, we can easily fit it to individual needs, which in case of this client did well when put to the test. They needed a solution for issues caused by only one but a crucial junction. 


Luckily it was unnecessary to transform the whole factory for the AX SYSTEM’s optimal operation. 

What caused the risk in our client's factory?

Here the main pedestrian lane and supply routes crossed and created a busy junction. 


Realizing the issue, our partners started searching for a solution to control traffic and establish safety at this junction. With this need, they found our partner company, Prominens LTD. 

What kind of solution have we worked out?

After some brainstorming, we created a system plan that can align and manage the traffic of vehicles and pedestrians crossing the junction. We wanted the system to be able to do the following:  


· to distinguish the movement of vehicles and people

· to separate supply route and pedestrian traffic

· to prioritize the main supply route

· to stop the crossing of pedestrians if a vehicle approaches

· to consider economic aspects at the planning stage

What did we install?

As a result of the above requirements, we installed a system that controlled the supply route traffic based on the main and side road rules using its built-in signals. 


At the same time, in the case of an approaching vehicle, it stopped crossing via the pedestrian lane using the additional signal units connected to the system.


At the supply route crossing, we installed a box shaped appliance capable of the monitoring of three directions. We also added two traffic lights for the pedestrians and a projector displaying a STOP sign to the side road.


The unit monitored traffic on the supply route. When detecting an approaching vehicle, it stopped crossing of pedestrians using the additional lights. The signal occurred as a flashing light and loud warning sound. If the system did not detect traffic from the side road, then a green light allowed free crossing on the main road and a red light to the side road all at the same time. 


In the case of an approaching vehicle, the additional lights show a „stop sign” no matter the pedestrian traffic. On the other hand, it controlled traffic on the supply route based on the main and side road rules. If the vehicle arriving from the side road does not have the right of way to the vehicle coming from the main road, the system shows a green light. 

What were the results after using the AX SYSTEM?

The vehicle carrying supply reached its destination without delay while we stopped pedestrians from stepping in front of the dangerous machine. 


We set up the system to do both within one application; therefore, economic aspects also prevailed. 

Have circumstances changed? Not an issue!

After a few months during summer holidays, they changed the layout of the premises by modifying the location of the pedestrian lane. Our client asked us to relocate the units, so they don’t have to purchase the whole system again.


We achieved this task by rearranging the hardware setup and updating the software. This great example showcases how easily we can change the system criteria. The operations and logic can get new parameters with a software update, so there is no need to repurchase the whole system. 


The new location was challenging as the altered pedestrian crossing was not close to the appliance but 10-15 meters away. This resulted in a change in operating logic as the detection range (the distance where traffic is taken into account) had to be set at about 25 meters from the device to be able to signal in time about the vehicle approaching the pedestrian crossing.


This was not the only change, as we also needed to make sure that the device reacted to the vehicle leaving the units and approaching the pedestrian lane. 


The lights provide signals concerning the supply route. The approaching vehicle is often a long assembly that can only turn on the side road with a big curve. To help this maneuver, we set up the system to signal a stop sign towards the side road, giving enough time for the vehicle to approach. This is also important as an encounter between two assemblies at the junction can bring supply to a halt.