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Preventing collision accidents at dangerous intersections

If two objects (machine-machine or machine –human) are approaching each other from an invisible direction, the system warns traffic participants to the risk of collision via a light and sound sign.


Making pedestrian crossing safe

If the vehicle has priority, it will give the pedestrian a red signal in case of an oncoming vehicle. If the person has priority, then when a person approaches the pedestrian crossing, the lights of the system indicate to the forklift driver with a red signal that he must stop.


Controlling traffic

If the system detects an approaching object on the main road and on the side road, it gives a green signal to the driver on the main road and a red signal to the driver on the side road. And if the priority is set to an object type, when two objects meet, it gives priority to the one we defined.


Presence detection

If the system detects the presence of a specific type of object in a designated zone, we can activate signals, operate barriers, record the event in a statistic or even make a recording.


Controlling other equipments like doors

The system detects the forklift and opens the gate if the forklift moves towards the gate. The system does not open the gate if it detects people or the forklift is not moving in the direction of the gate.


Controlling other equipments like gates

The system operates the opening and closing of the barrier based on the set logic. For example, if the system detects an incoming forklift, it physically prevents the worker from stepping in front of the forklift by closing the barrier. As soon as the forklift has left the crossing and there are no other incoming vehicles, it opens the barrier for the pedestrian, who can safely cross the road.


Making traffic and near-miss statistics

If the system detects an incoming object, it is stored in a log. These data must be downloaded from the system and imported into a special excel file to obtain traffic data and the number of near-miss cases.